Cape Town

Here are a list of the shops that I frequent


They have a great selection of tools for the workshops. Looking for expensive tools at a good price? They have a great website. 

Brights Hardware
For your everyday buy go to Brights. They are a bit more expensive than the warehouses, but they have what you need, and the employees seems like they might actually have used the stuff they sell.


Your suppliers of composite resins, silicons and plastics. They stock the smooth-on range of products. The staff are very knowledgeable about their products and willing to help.

Brackenfell Steel:
Supply new and secondhand steel. Go to the back to view the secondhand steel. They do basic manufacturing. No credit cards.

Cape Pottery Suppliers:
Suppliers of clay, pottery material and tools

Kehl's Upholstery Suppliers:
Kehl's supply all types of canvas, fabric and accessories used in upholstery.

Suppliers of cotton canvas

For anything leather related Woodheads has it. They supply leather, tools, dyes, buckles, rivets and shoe making products.

Second hand

As with all secondhand retailers, know what you want and what the price is. You can find bargains, but you can also be taken for a ride

Cash Converters:  
The ones in Cape Gate and Brakenfell are a great browse for second hand tools.

Die Handels Huis: 
27 Northumberland Street
They specialize in furniture.  If you are looking for the cheaper stuff for a workshop, go downstairs

Milnerton Flea market
The best way to spend a Saturday and/or Sunday morning. Trust me go have a stroll there, you won't regret it. They have everything secondhand, the good and the very bad. 

Parow Market:
Hold on to your wallet :) You will find a lot of food and china knockoffs here but there are some gems. Go and experience the fibe and the press of people.

Theron Auctioneers:
11 Viben Ave
They have a huge changeover of stuff so every time you go there you will find something new. They tend to have a lot of warehouse shelving and big industrial machinery.

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