Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Old book covers into sketch books

One of the problems I find with doing water color sketching is that I can't find any affordable sketchbooks that I like. I made a set of sketch books utilizing the covers of some old hardcover books bought at the second hand book store. The inside is watercolor paper, 120 g.

The covers where cut from the books

The insides cut to size

I made a clamp to hammer the spine into shape

I used this stitch without strips (c) and (b)

All stitched up

Spine is clamped and ready for the shaping

Gluing the spine, I used the old book contents as clamps with cling film as insulation. 

The final product. I made 2 concertina books out of the offcuts. 


  1. Now that's interesting, hammering the spine, but I guess it does make sense. The only difference I'd take is in paper... I'd buy at least 200 g WC paper :)

    Great results nevertheless.

  2. Looks great, you and Kathleen are inspiring.
    I'm going to experiment with bookbinding glue when it arrives...
    Agree with nini, I tend to use the heaviest weight paper I can find, so it will stand up to mixed media play.