Wednesday, April 1, 2015

LP case Toolbox - Part 1

I bought an old LP carry case at a flea market. What I liked about it, was that the corner joints is a row dove tails. The only person I could think of that spend that much effort making a dovetail LP case is a matric student in a seventies woodwork class.  I wonder how many love affairs this case and the music it carried, cemented.

I decided to make a toolbox from it, for all my leather working and sewing tools. The first part of the project was to clean up the box, make the front panel a lid, stain the insides and varnish it.

The LP case I started with

The front panel was removed with a club hammer as the space inside was no enough to swing a normal sized hammer

The final position of the lids

All fittings removed the whole case got sanded down

The plywood front panel lost a layer of wood on the bottom edge with the removal. This was fixed with two veneer strips

A layer of varnish was added and lifting ply layers glued

The varnish was sanded down with steel wool once it had cured. It was finished with a layer of oil.

The front panel lid's hinged was slotted into the bottom

The front lid was attached to the box with hinges

What happened to the box? Wait and see next week!

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