Wednesday, April 15, 2015


With all the guns I am making and intend to make, I found that I need a way to display them. I decided on an old school gun rack, but in keeping with the style of my AK47, I decided to make it out of plywood that was painted before it was cut.

This project got me thinking on what a gun rack is and was. A gun rack was used in the old days to display you guns, making them easily accessible, but now nobody would be crazy enough to display their guns. We hide them. A gun has become something that people would want to steal, not to mention that a you need, by law to keep it in a safe. A gun rack serves no purpose in the modern day. Except now.

It might be worth mentioning that every part of this was made on a band-saw, so no line is truly straight and that the hooks were not accurately measured, cut and filed. This lack of good finish does go in against everything I have learned to do, but it is the style of the rack and it adds to the look of the final product. I'm quite glad at the end result.

Painted and cut, the parts are ready for assembly

The original plan was that the rack would be mounted on the wall, but the bottom shelf made a good stand

All the weapon facing surfaces was covered in red felt

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