Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lucy - A portrait of light happiness

After the success of Oom Manie I embarked on making portrait sculptures in Cement. However I did not intend to make a portrait of an existing person, but rather of a feeling, or moment.  For the next portrait I choose to remake one of my older ceramic sculptures of a girl enjoying a picnic. This remake was done in 1:4 scale, the same as Oom Manie. I choose to call her Lucy for it is a light, happy moment. Lucy is in an edition of 20.

Lucy \l(u)-cy\ as a girl's name is pronounced LOO-see. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Lucy is "light". Feminine form of Lucius; vernacular form of Lucia. The feast day of Saint Lucy (fourth century), patroness of sight, is called the Festival of Light in Sweden.

The ceramic sculpture Picnic

To view the how-to make a cement sculpture view the guide here

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