Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pa (father)

In 2009 I experimented with different methods of making cement sculptures. To that end I took a class on making sculptures by building cement onto a wire frame. As a project I chose to make a big head taking my inspiration from the Olmecs' big head sculptures. I choose to not make it as stylized as the Olmec big heads, but to rather make it a more realistic portrait. As subject, I choose my father, using reference photo's to build the facial features.
The base of the sculpture is a wire frame, onto which the cement was packed. It turned out that cement does not just stick to wire so the outside had to be lined with black bags and packaging tape. After the hollow ball was formed the facial features was made. Working with wet cement is different to working with clay as the cement's consistency is that of wet mud, that slumps without keeping its shape. This caused the build to advance very slowly since I had to wait for each layer to get dry enough before adding the next layer.  It was finished with a black oxide and cement varnish, coated with a green oxide in a wax polish.
I was very pleased with the end product and presented it to my father as a gift for his 70th birthday.

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