Thursday, January 8, 2015

Restoring a WW2 headset

I got a set of ww2 era headphones for Christmas. They where pretty beat-up so I set out to restore them. I did not want them function in the way they originally did, but to use them as the chassis for modern speakers and innards, similar toe the my previous headphone build here
First, all the parts was disassembled, cleaned, the speaker innards was removed and new leather straps fitted to the head wires.

Headset in original condition

Bakelite earpiece in original condition

Inner workings

Leather straps cut

Leather straps sewed

All the metal parts cleaned ready for assembly

The assembled head piece

Cleaned speaker housings, solid brass!
Next a broken pair of headphones was cannibalized for the speakers. To fit them to the speaker housing a pair of plastic "cups" was modified. These cups was scavenged from a toy gun that I bought at a flea market. The cable was loosely plaited using a four wire round plait. The parts that fit into the speaker housing was connected by hot connectors. The audio jack took forever to solder as I was learning on the job and figuring out things I did wrong on the previous build.
At the end, all the parts got assembled and it finally worked!

Speakers form a pair of Logitech earphones

The modified v/s unmodified cup

The speakers got sanded round, ready for assembly

The final product

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