Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alphabet A

In 2009 I build the Alphabet series. Alphabet A was one of these.
The Alphabet series was the product of a collaboration between a calligraphy master Heleen de Haas and myself. We set about exploring the letter in a 3d form.  Out of the collaboration came a font designed by Heleen. This was converted into a PC font, which formed the base for the alphabet series. We then set about developing sculptures, using the designed font.
Alphabet A is a ceramic alphabet set. It represents the alphabet, divided in different letter families. A letter family is made up of letters that share unique features. For example, the letters m n and r are all part of the same family as they are formed and drawn in the same way.  We devised a unique look for each family and I made, fired and glazed each letter. Each letter stands about 10 cm tall.
Alphabet A was displayed at a joint exhibition of the “Cape Friends of Calligraphy” society held at the artB gallery in 2009.
The set is currently for sale for R5000 (excl. shipping, 2015 price).

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