Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Put a handle on a hatchet

A while back I bought a hatchet sheath at a flea-market. A couple of weeks ago I found a handle less hatchet that fit into the sheath. I decided to put an oak wooden handle on it.

Two blanks where cut out of 20mm thick oak

The hatchet shaft where drawn and groves cut into the blanks

The hatchet's rust was cleaned off with a wire brush

Holes was drilled through the shaft and wooden blanks to fit two copper pins.
All the parts was assembled with two part epoxy 

The handle was clamped and left over night

The handle got shaped

Final sanding was done with fine sanding paper and lastly by hand.

Varnish got added

Steel wool finished off the varnish and then some linseed oil.
The sheath got a coating of leather polish and we are done.

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