Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to line a helmet

A friend asked me to line the inside of his gyrocopter helmet with leather. He wanted the Styrofoam inside of the helmet to be lined with fake leather that he provided. The leather had to be glued in place and would not be stitched together.

To do this I marked the helmet's symmetry line and covered one half with masking tape. The tape was removed, cut open and pasted on paper to form the pattern for half of the lining. Flip the pattern over for the other half.  The two sides of the helmet's lining was cut. This was then pasted in sections using leather contact cement that I use for making shoes. The gluing order of the sections had to be tested. The whole section could not be glued at once as you would not have control over it. Only part of a section was glued at a time to ensure the best possible fit.

The uncovered helmet

Half of the helmet covered in masking tape

The leather cut according to the pattern

The first section tested the gluing order.

With the gluing order tested, the rest of the sections could be added.

And we are done. Ready for shipping

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