Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Put a handle on a hatchet

A while back I bought a hatchet sheath at a flea-market. A couple of weeks ago I found a handle less hatchet that fit into the sheath. I decided to put an oak wooden handle on it.

Two blanks where cut out of 20mm thick oak

The hatchet shaft where drawn and groves cut into the blanks

The hatchet's rust was cleaned off with a wire brush

Holes was drilled through the shaft and wooden blanks to fit two copper pins.
All the parts was assembled with two part epoxy 

The handle was clamped and left over night

The handle got shaped

Final sanding was done with fine sanding paper and lastly by hand.

Varnish got added

Steel wool finished off the varnish and then some linseed oil.
The sheath got a coating of leather polish and we are done.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to line a helmet

A friend asked me to line the inside of his gyrocopter helmet with leather. He wanted the Styrofoam inside of the helmet to be lined with fake leather that he provided. The leather had to be glued in place and would not be stitched together.

To do this I marked the helmet's symmetry line and covered one half with masking tape. The tape was removed, cut open and pasted on paper to form the pattern for half of the lining. Flip the pattern over for the other half.  The two sides of the helmet's lining was cut. This was then pasted in sections using leather contact cement that I use for making shoes. The gluing order of the sections had to be tested. The whole section could not be glued at once as you would not have control over it. Only part of a section was glued at a time to ensure the best possible fit.

The uncovered helmet

Half of the helmet covered in masking tape

The leather cut according to the pattern

The first section tested the gluing order.

With the gluing order tested, the rest of the sections could be added.

And we are done. Ready for shipping

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Box cross

A couple of years ago my wife and I worked together to make a gift for a friend of ours. At the time we were infatuated with the work of Piet Mondrian. The end product was a wooden box that opened and fouls out to form a cross. The outside is mosaic and the inside decoupaged. Like the religious icons from Russia the inside is rich gold while the outside has a cynical toughness.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

AK47 -found objects

I made an AK47 out of found objects. The idea is to make an object that represent the gun's interface, weight and size. For the build I used plywood off cuts and objects I found in second hand bins. I tried not to make it look exactly like the gun. The cocking, safety and trigger had to work. The magazine had to be removable and the whole thing had to be made from found objects. This is the result:

Blank cut out of 19mm plywood

Lead sinkers added the weight

The body is clad in galvanized plate.

The magazine can be removed

The safety and cocking

Threaded bar, electric lugs and painted wood make up the barrel assembly

The magazine clip

The left side of the gun

The "makers" logo

Final gun