Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Canopy lock

When I bought my Ford Bantam pickup it came with the standard canopy. The canopy locks at the sides of the lid with two slide clasps. If you pull handle in the center of the lid hard, it could be possible to bend the and pop it open. To prevent this I needed a lock that would secure the center of the lid. There are no such clasps on the market, so I made one that would lock the center and operate the existing side clasps. 
The base of the clasp was salvaged from a Mazda Etude's boot clasp. The clasp anchors to the tailgate with a custom anchor. 
It took hours of designing, measuring, fitting, welding and shaping to get done. 

Form the outside the canopy looks no different.

The existing side sliding clasp

The clasp anchor attached to the tailgate

I kept the plastic cover of the original boot clasp.
The clasp can be operated from within the canopy with a handle

The final product

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