Tuesday, October 28, 2014

They have too much time on their hands

This phrase are normally leveled at people who build or do stuff that seems strange. 
A man spend years to build a functional batmobile and our reaction is that he has to much time on his hands.
What you are saying is that on my list of things to do, making a batmobile is really far down. He must have so much time on his hands that he has done all the things on the list that are more important and had time to build a batmobile.

Here's the spoiler, he did not. His list is different to yours.
I have a feeling that if you are honest, there is something on your list that is also strange, something you wanted to do or build that you have not told anybody of. Something that people will look at and say: you have too much time on your hands.
Now is the time to do/build it.

Get excited, make something!

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