Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Slush casting

I have been investigating resin casting. The resin in question is AMT Composite's F16 colored black with Sure color. The technique is to pre-measure all the parts of the resin, quickly mix them together, pour it into the mold and rotate the mold until the resin has set. The rotation causes the resin to cover the sides of the mold forming a shell of the sculpture. The resin has a pot life of 15 minutes so you have to work fast. Luckily the if the resin has not covered the entire surface and you pour in a new batch of resin it does not form a visible line in the sculpture.

The weight mix proportions are: 
1 x  part A 
1 x part B
1.5 x mineral filler
1% colorant

Everything is ready to cast. The scale is used to measure the different parts of the resin
Compared to cement, the resin cast faster and produce a stronger product. It also does not need as much work to finish as cement. It is a LOT lighter and does not require an armature.

The de-molded sculpture
I'm quite happy with the end product. I think I'll use this technique in the future.
The cleaned and polished sculpture

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