Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gaming PC mod

Back in the day, the only way to game with your mates was to lug your pc to their house, set up network and LAN. This meant 2 trips to the car and back to get the pc and the screen. To halve the journey time, I decided to strap my screen to the side of my gaming box. To ensure that the screen does not get damaged in transit, I made a cover to protect it.
I have used the case now for more than seven years. The innards has changed many times.
PC with the cover on, ready to travel
PC with the cover off ready to game
The handle is wrapped in rope to protect your hand 
The top sides swivel to the sides releasing the screen top
The screen lifts and tip forward, revealing the PC insides
The open box
The screen's transformer got strapped outside to lower the inside heat.
The straps that hold the cover is fastened to the bottom. The front feet is higher, tilting the box and the screen backward. 
The bottom has gaps open allowing for better air flow. Through this a sata power and data connector can be accessed, for an external hard drive.
The Gaming PC ready to rock!

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