Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Replica Prop Gun [part2]

After the cylinder was build I moved to the rest of the gun. First up the barrel. I turned the basic shape out of wood on my makeshift lathe. Then I formed the sight and bottom part out of plastic, which I glued on. This got a couple layers of spay paint to remove the wood grain.

The blank of the frame was cut from a 20 mm wide piece of wood and the handle from a 10 mm. The handle was slotted into the frame with a mortise and tenon joint.

The frame was cut and shaped, with the sight grove cut on the top.

The proud bits was formed in plastic and glued on.

The assembled gun started to look quite good.

I filled the last gaps with automotive body filler, sprayed and sanded it. I added the ring to the handle. Nothing about the gun moves, so it would be stuck to the bottom. It was ready for the molding. I sank the cylinder and body halfway in clay and poured the mold material over.

I did the same for the reverse using Vaciline as a releasing agent between the silicon parts.

The cast material is Fastcast Polyurethane with Aluminium filling

When sanded it tuns a bright metal finish.

I tried a number of paint finishings, while I started with the handle.

At the end I used a mat black spray. I wanted to make a mold of the handle sides, but the wood looked so good I decided to keep them. I'l make some handles that I can mold later.

After some weathering, I coated the body of the gun with a clear spray and the handle, with a couple layers of linseed oil. And we're done. One .45 Smith & Wesson M1917 with a 4 inch barrel replica to go. 

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