Thursday, July 3, 2014


In my PC parts box there are three pairs of broken headsets. I have tried fixing them but the construction is such that you can't solder the fluff they use as wire. Also the construction causes the wire to twist inside the ear pieces causing them to break.

This gave me the idea to make my own.  I wanted to make them look hand made, and steam-punk. I used a lot of brown leather and wood, copper and stainless steel. I decided to make the ear pieces round, harking back to the aviation headsets.

For the materials I used off-cuts that I collected form workshops, as for the speakers and volume control, I cannibalized an old 'broken' headset.  The new wire and audio jacks I got from an electronics store.

I had to design the wooden earpieces around the speakers that I got from the old headsets. The blocks that clasp the headset shaft went through a lot of design. In the end I shaped them out of a solid stainless steel block.

For this project I bought a soldering kit.

I used leather to cover the hard parts of the headset.

All done.

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