Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cheap planking

I was looking for cheap planks to construct trestles with. After some snooping around I decided to use the planks from old pallets.

I found these pallets at Malls Tiles warehouse in Paarden Eiland. It turns out they have a lot of old pallets laying around that they need to get rid of. Next time I'll try some of the tile warehouses nearer to me. I bought a couple for R5 each. The pallets are made of bluegum planks. They are very tough and not easy to work with.
On the pallets I bought there was quite a bit of wastage, as some of the planks shattered when I removed them. Even so, a couple of hours with a claw hammer and a pair of pliers, I had some nice planks.

One of the pallets had some interestingly shaped planks with bark still attached.

I'll have to think what I can do with them.
Is it worth the effort? I'm not sure, but I'll continue to clean it up and will keep you posted on what I do with them.
The wasted planks will be fed into the fire. Just a word of warning, The wood is treated for bugs so you can not prepare food on it, but it is dry enough to make a nice fire.

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