Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shop Knives

Back in 1994 I used to make knives. As with all projects I attempted, I wanted to be the best I can be at making knives.
Some of the knives I made back in the day, did not make my cut as "decent knives", but they formed part of my learning process.  These knives I left in my workshop and started using them for odd jobs, since I did not care for them. They are now my most used knives of all.

The cleaver was secondhand blade I picked up at a junk store. I replaced the handle.

The sheath knife was hollow ground on a bench grinder and the leather hilt got a big ding in it from over zealous shaping. The sheath molding worked great and  the blade clicks neatly in place.  The blade was never heat treated, so it does not hold an edge.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Backpack for travel

The latest to come from my workshop is a canvas backpack for my travels later this year. I based the size on the satchel bag that I made last year.

I found that the single strap becomes tiresome after a days wear so I opted for a dual strap backpack. I wanted it to have a water bottle pocket on the side.

With the designs done, it is time for the cutting.

 I used blind stitching on this bag so that gave me a neat inside without a lining. It also has a inner zip bag. At the end of the project I think I need to revisit the overall design as I believe it can be neater, but for now I'm quite pleased with the result.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cheap planking

I was looking for cheap planks to construct trestles with. After some snooping around I decided to use the planks from old pallets.

I found these pallets at Malls Tiles warehouse in Paarden Eiland. It turns out they have a lot of old pallets laying around that they need to get rid of. Next time I'll try some of the tile warehouses nearer to me. I bought a couple for R5 each. The pallets are made of bluegum planks. They are very tough and not easy to work with.
On the pallets I bought there was quite a bit of wastage, as some of the planks shattered when I removed them. Even so, a couple of hours with a claw hammer and a pair of pliers, I had some nice planks.

One of the pallets had some interestingly shaped planks with bark still attached.

I'll have to think what I can do with them.
Is it worth the effort? I'm not sure, but I'll continue to clean it up and will keep you posted on what I do with them.
The wasted planks will be fed into the fire. Just a word of warning, The wood is treated for bugs so you can not prepare food on it, but it is dry enough to make a nice fire.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Metal Pencil box

I bought this metal case at the Milderton flea market. 

The sticker on the inside of the lid states that it was the housing of a small ratchet set.

I hammered the lid back in shape and sanded it down. I gave it a coat of hammered grey spray paint on the outside and clear coat on the inside of the lid, thereby sealing what was left of the sticker. I cut red felt to line the inside of the case.

I stuck the felt to the inside of the case with a contact glue.

 And we are done. One pencil case to go

Shoe-making knife

I got this knife as part of a junk lot at an antique store. I removed the handle and cleaned it up. I knew it was a shoe making knife, but on cleaning it, I found the maker name RICH ABR HERCER SOLINGER on it. (An old German knife making company, still trading)
After cleaning I stitched two pieces of leather together and pushed onto the tapered handle. Good for another couple of years of service.